Welcome to The Armed Advantage, where we believe there really is an advantage to being armed.   We believe that knowledge and training overcome fear and superstition.  Being ever vigilant of your surroundings and knowing how to react should the unknown become known will help you whether you are packing heat or not.  At The Armed Advantage, we offer basic pistol classes and one on one private shooting lessons that help you prepare for, and pass the Texas Concealed Handgun course.

We are proud to announce a few additions to The Armed Advantage lineup.  We now offer custom Kydex holsters and other Kydex shooting accessories.  Inside Waistband and Outside Waistband holsters, magazine holders and shotgun shell holders.  For more information, please visit the Contact/Orders link and submit your information.  

We are now an Authorized Dealer for Hogue Grips AND Ninox Accessories.  

Hogue is an industry leader in aftermarket grip options for your handguns, rifles and shotguns.  For more information, please use the Contact Tab.

Ninox is a new company offering high end shooting accessories at affordable prices.  Their first offering is the Ninox Night Vision Laser.  Imagine being able to mount a focusable laser to your hunting rifle that will turn your scope into a night vision scope for a fraction of the price.  There are two sizes available, the 30mm which is designed for smaller game rifles such as .273 and .223, which when focused down to a single dot, has an effective range of 3 miles.  And the big daddy, 50mm which is designed for longer distances or larger rifles such as your .308 and 30.06, when focused down to a single point has an effective range of 10 miles.  All Lasers come with multiple mounting options, static mounts, windage and elevation adjustable mounts and remote pressure switch or end cap button standard.  For more information, use the contact tab.  Pictures can be found on our Holsters/Accessories page.

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